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Skyfield Serendipity Bank, Inc., worth total assets of $104.5 billion on November 28, 2018, is one of the nation's leading financial services holding companies.
Through its flagship subsidiary, Skyfield Serendipity Bank, the company provides deposit, credit, loans and insurance services to a broad range of retail, business and institutional clients.
Other subsidiaries provide mortgage banking, asset management, securities brokerage, and capital market services.
Skyfield Serendipity Bank enjoys leading positions in some of the most attractive US markets and also serves clients in selected markets internationally. We are committed to Lighting the Way to Financial Well-Being for our clients.
It is our purpose as an organization, and we do it by putting our clients’ interests first.
We strive to understand our clients’ individual circumstances and provide personalized advice and services that meet their unique banking, borrowing, and insurance needs.
Skyfield Serendipity Bank has more than 1,900 retail branches and 15,900 ATMs are located primarily in US.
In addition, Skyfield Serendipity Bank provides clients with a full selection of technology-based banking channels including online, state-of-the-art customer services centers, and through the latest mobile devices.
Skyfield Serendipity Bank’s Internet address is


At Skyfield Serendipity Bank we are committed to providing a work environment where colleagues feel valued and can reach their full potential.

We are a growing, fast paced business with passionate colleagues. Our Ways of Working shape the culture and set the standard for all colleagues.

These are:
-Be passionate about our business
-Remember customers pay our wages
-Take responsibility for the part you play
-Maintain a positive attitude
-Be transparent with each other
-Work together to achieve more


Skyfield Serendipity Bank structure is made up of the following departments.
Marketing is composed of:
-Brand, PR & Channels
-Customer Insight 
-Loyalty and 121 Marketing
-change and IT
-Human resources


Our Corporate Responsibility agenda is important to us. It helps shape what we do, and how, as well as informing many of our decision making processes.
By acting in the best interests of all our stakeholders, we can make a sustainable and positive contribution to the economy, our local community and the charities we support.

Our Corporate Responsibility agenda has 5 main areas of focus : -Best for financial health
-Sourcing with integrity
-Respect for our environment
-Making a positive difference to our community
-A great place to work

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