Where can i use my Skyfield Serendipity Bank Visa Credit Card?

– The Credit card can be used at the ATM, POS and Web.
– Use domestically and internationally; anywhere in the world where the VISA logo is displayed

There is no limit to the amount that can be paid into any account.

– ATMs
– Point of Sale (POS) Terminals
– Internet banking
– Cheques
– Electronic transfers eg RTGS, NEFT, NIBSS Instant payment, direct debit instructions
– Online Collections via Skyfield Serendipity Bankpaygate/E-Pay and Paydirect
– Mobile Payments (Mobile Money)

Cost of Card is free
– Card re-issuance fee due to expiration is free
– Card re-issuance fee due to damage, loss or theft is $10.00 – No Annual fees
– No transaction fees on POS and Web
– Monthly Card maintenance fee ( Classic, Gold and Platinum Respectively) -free
– Monthly interest rate of 2.5% on outstanding balance
– PIN Re-issue, Processing Fees – free
– POS Cash Advance – free

Your Skyfield Serendipity Bank Visa Credit Card is very safe because it has added advantage of Verified by Visa IPIN which ensures that while paying for goods on the internet, ONLY the true owner of a card can authorize payment on the card.

Follow these easy steps next time you’re shopping online to activate your Verified by Visa iPIN.
– Click the ‘CHECK-OUT’ button or the ‘PAY-NOW’ button while shopping.
– Enter your card details as required by the website.
– The VbyV screen appears on the website.
– Enter your card details.
– Enter ID Number as provide in your Credit card application form.
– Enter Date of birth in the format YYYY as year of birth, MM as month of birth, and DD as day of birth.
– Enter Card expiry date as shown on the card in the format YYYY as year of expiration, and MM as month of expiration
– Click the ‘NEXT’ button to input a NEW 4 digit PIN.
– Click the ‘END’ button when done.

– Duly filled Credit card application form.
– Letter from employer stating irrevocable domiciliation of salary and gratuity/terminal Benefits.
– Letter from employer confirming applicant’s monthly, annual salary and length of service with the Organisation
– 3 months’ Payslip
– Driver’s License/International Passport/National Identity Card.
– Photocopy of Employee identity card.
– Current Passport Photograph.

– If a transfer fails for any reason, the sum will be credited to your account within 24hrs, if this is not done, a formal complaint can be sent via email to info@skyfieldserendipity.com.

– Instantly. However, where there are delays in transferring funds, the beneficiary bank shall notify the Sending Bank, Beneficiary, and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Service Provider with an assurance of resolution within 48hrs.

– This is a form of funds transfer by which money is transferred instantly from one bank account to another, either within a single financial institution or across multiple institutions, via computer-based systems, without the direct intervention of bank staff. .

– E-channels fee, SMS, and Account maintenance fee.

– Yes, overdraft facility is available to customers that meet the bank’s Risk Assessment Criteria.

– There is no restriction on the number of withdrawals for this account.

– Yes you can. Kindly contact us. Please see our contact details below:
2000 Centre St, West Roxbury, Massachusetts, MA 02132, USA
+1(347) 857-9961
e-mail : info@skyfieldserendipity.com

– You can buy or sell shares through Skyfield Serendipity Bank Security Unit. Please see our contact details below:
2000 Centre St, West Roxbury, Massachusetts, MA 02132, USA
+1(347) 857-9961
e-mail : stockbrokers@skyfieldserendipity.com

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