At Skyfield Serendipity Bank, our culture comes from how we run the company every day.
At the heart of our responsible growth strategy is our commitment to "act responsibly," which includes our commitments to ethical behavior, acting with integrity and complying with laws, rules, regulations and policies that reinforce such behavior.
We recognize that cultivating a strong culture is an ongoing effort, fostered day after day in both formal and informal ways.
Building a unified culture requires thoughtful, purposeful action.
This work helped us bring together all of our employees - from different businesses, companies, and countries - to be aligned to our purpose of making financial lives better.
Leadership accountability Establishing a culture built on integrity and ethical business conduct starts with it being a priority for our CEO and the management team, the Board of Directors, and other leaders.
Our Board’s structure and composition enables it to oversee and hold senior management accountable for managing all types of risk, including those related to compliance and conduct.
As part of their oversight responsibilities, annually, the Board, Enterprise Risk Committee and Audit Committee review or approve certain enterprise policies related to compliance and conduct.
Our Global Environmental, Social and Governance Committee also regularly considers emerging issues, as well as concerns raised by advocates, regulators, and other stakeholders, to ensure that these concerns are integrated into our business decisions and are understood and managed at the highest levels of the company.
Driving and upholding ethical conduct While there is no single culture metric, the company analyzes a variety of data sources to ensure we are living our values as a company.

For example, we drive our culture and related expectations for conduct throughout the employee lifecycle – from hiring, to onboarding, to training and development, to decisions on compensation and promotions.
Our decisions behind our performance management, compensation and recognition programs are rooted in our culture and in our conduct expectations for all employees.
We also assess our culture through our employee engagement survey, sustaining an environment which values and supports employee perspectives.
Review our approach to attracting and developing talent for more information about how we respond to our employees in the workplace.
Get the full details about our resources for training and development in managing risk well.
An example of the tools and processes we have in place to guide our employees is our Code of Conduct.
The Code, along with our Vendor Code of Conduct, Human Rights Statement and Modern Slavery Act Statement, is grounded in our values, and outlines our business practices and policies, as well as professional and personal conduct that all employees are expected to adopt and uphold.
Complaints or possible violations of the Code of Conduct or other unethical activities, including financial improprieties, fraud, sexual harassment, discriminatory practices, retaliation and conflicts of interest, can be submitted anonymously, in complete confidence and without fear of retaliation to the Ethics & Compliance Hotline.
Read about the process and impact of our Ethics & Compliance Hotline.
A culture of managing risk well Managing risk well is foundational to our purpose and values – and to delivering responsible growth.
It contributes to the strength and sustainability of our company for the future, and it supports the work we do today to serve our clients, community, shareholders and employees.
This relies on the intellectual curiosity and sound judgment of every employee across the company.
When each employee takes ownership of risk management, we can deliver on our purpose to make financial lives better through the power of every connection.
In addition, our Environmental and Social Risk Policy Framework articulates how we approach environmental and social risks across our business, as well as outlining the environmental and social issues most relevant to us.




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